Masalah GNG is not GNU

#fsf – Friday 8 April 2016

such as the fact that the post records about the software freedom law center which doesn’t get money from FSF or GNU. Also we do a pretty good job of articulating what free software is in the free software definition and other articles. That page basically contends that we have confused them and they don’t understand our position. Not much we can do about that — there is certainly no need to try to correct a person so utterly confused

… at least no if we’ve never come across another person similarly cofused


<jgay> and seems to get a lot of basic facts wrong. Like, for example, it says donations to GNU go to the Software Freedom Law Center … but, the FSF is the main sponsor of the GNU projct and we handle donations … and SFLC provides pro bono (gratis) legal service to the FSF and GNU


<AimHere> azzamsa, I notice that Alexander T is acknowledged as the primary driver of site hits there. He’s a notoriously clueless anti-GPL zealot, whose primary distinguishing feature is that every falsifiable prediction he made on the outcome of GPL-related court cases turned out to be false

<AimHere> I think he went dormant a few years back. The whole site is old and nobody really rails against the GPL no more. It’s pretty much a fact of life these days

– – –

alhamdulillah, masalah ini selesai 04/09/1606:25:37 AM


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